doctor who + pink

Now my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away. And he’d just swagger off, back to his TARDIS. And open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor. In the TARDIS. Next stop: Everywhere.

Misfits RewatchSeason 1, Episode 3.

If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?

Very important full body shots
Doctor Who 8.08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”

Why do you fly off in the box with him? Because it’s amazing.

But your soul you must keep totally free…

Series 5 + Scenery


Last words on the last books of different book series. [Part one]

The Eleventh Tribute - [4/5] episodes
       ↳ The Big Bang


See the progression behind the Jonny Duddle’s gorgoeous new UK cover for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!


CultureHISTORY: #FergusonOctober - The Movement

Incredible scenes from the 'Weekend of Resistance' in Ferguson and St. Louis. #BlackLivesMatter